A compilation album to benefit Children’s Hospital Colorado

Earth Angel Wing Vol 1

Wings – Volume I

This collection of music was created to be the start of many collections to raise awareness for charities and their life work…our kids.

  1. Wiggle It Out – Tony Lucca (feat. Chris Kirkpatrick)
  2. All I Wanna Be – Steve Everett
  3. I Don’t Care – Clee Laster (feat. Steve Everett)
  4. Back to the Light – Meaghan Farrell (feat. Earth Angel Artists)
  5. Start is the Hardest Part – Andrew Leahey
  6. Jump – Anna Rose
  7. Let Your Guard Down – Keaton Simons (feat. Shannon Labrie)
  8. Comeback – J.R. Moore
  9. Helping Hand – Shannon Labrie (feat. Keaton Simons)
  10. Lucky – Andy Suzuki & The Method

Tony Lucca

Tony Lucca is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter whose catalog of music runs the gamut from soul-infused pop to tear-jerker folk balladry.

Steve Everett

Steve Everett is a Pop’N’Roll™ singer & songwriter from Nashville, TN.

Clee Laster

Clee Laster is a singer/songwriter who lives in Charlotte, NC. He is lead singer of the band “Simplified” and producer at Granbar Studios. Learn more about Clee Laster

Meaghan Farrell

Andrew Leahey

Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson works as a producer, musician, mixer and collaborator with a wide variety of artists & songwriters in the pop, country, and indie genres.

Brian Fechino

Brian Fechino is a guitarist, producer and mixer. As a producer he works with both solo artist building complete tracks and full bands to shape, direct and capture their sound often lending guitar, bass and keys.

Anna Rose

Anna Rose is an acclaimed singer, songwriter, and guitarist who has been making her mark on the music industry for more than a decade. Raw and unfiltered, Anna puts her passion for music into everything she creates and does so in a myriad of roles – from artist and performer to songwriter, label head and producer.

Keaton Simons

Stay tuned!

J.R. Moore

Shannon Labrie

Andy Suzuki & The Method

With a soulful approach to rock and roll, Andy Suzuki is the lead singer of the Method with Kozza Babumba (songwriter/percussionist) and Juny Mag (producer/keyboardist). Learn more about The Method.

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