A compilation album to benefit Children’s Hospital Colorado and Rock By The Sea

Wings Vol 2

Wings on the Water

This album, produced by Brian Fechino and executive produced by our founder Jan Allen, is coming April 19. The magic and music of this album was produced over a week in Tulum, Mexico.

Change the World – Aaron Bright, Aaron Patrick, Lena Pasqualetti, Ryan Doyle, Steve Everett

Worst Class Ticket – Steve Everett

Follow The Heart – Meaghan Farrell and Megan Slankard 

Jacques Cousteau – Aaron Bright and Megan Slankard

Wake Up – Aaron Bright, Aaron Patrick, Brian Fechino

Bora – Brian Fechino, Ryan Doyle, Lena Pasqualetti

Floating – Steve Everett and Megan Slankard

Now Is The Time – Aaron Bright, Aaron Patrick, Meaghan Farrell

My Sunny Girl – Meaghan Farrell, Megan Slankard, Ryan Doyle, Lena Pasqualetti

Something Special – Lena Pasqualetti, Ryan Doyle, Aaron Bright, Aaron Patrick, Brian Fechino

See our artists page for more detailed bios.

Green Light Morning – Aaron Bright & Aaron Patrick

Greenlight Morning is the brain-child of singer-songwriter duo Aaron Patrick and Aaron Bright, who recently landed in the top 15 on the premiere episode of “The Song,” a new musical competition reality show featuring singer-songwriters.


Steve Everett

Based in Nashville TN, Steve is a Pop’N’Roll™ singer & songwriter blends positive vibes with catchy, melodic hooks and hip, clever lyrics to form his fun musical style. Steve studied music performance at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC and plays stages ranging from The House of Blues, The Rock Boat music festival, all the way to acoustic home shows.


Telephone Tag – Lena Pasqualetti & Ryan Doyle

Telephone tag is the latest project for singer / guitarist, Ryan Jacob Doyle, and electric violinist / singer, Lena Pasqualetti. The duo’s name, Telephone Tag is a reference to their long distance relationship and having to play Telephone Tag.

Meaghan Farrell

Megan Slankard

SAN FRANCISCO INDIE-ROCKER nerd Megan Slankard and her band The Wreckage have independently sold over 45,000 copies of five self-released albums and have just released their latest album “California & Other Stories” this October 2022. The record, which was Co-Produced with Nashville producer Alex Wong, (Delta Rae, Vienna Teng, Elizabeth & The Catapult,) showcases new sides of Megan’s music, balancing delightfully belligerent rock and roll with cinematic soundscapes of orchestral instruments and robot harmonies.

Brian Fechino

Brian Fechino is a guitarist, producer and mixer. As a producer he works with both solo artist building complete tracks and full bands to shape, direct and capture their sound often lending guitar, bass and keys. Brian is studio manager/ in house Producer and session musician at The Holler in Nashville owned by Chuck Cannon and spends much of his time working out of there, though he often finds himself doing interesting and odd location recording such as rented homes, outdoor locations and even setting up recording studios on cruise ships.

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